Welcome to the World of Chibion!

Chibion is a 2D Sidescroller RPG online game where you can customize your own Chibi. The dream world of Chibion has been taken over by nightmares of Akumu, the leader of the nightmare army. The dream goddess, Yume, has granted you the power to defeat these nightmares, and save the world of Chibion!

Explore many different areas, complete quests, interact and PvP with other chibis, and much more in the world of Chibion!

Chibion Delayed

*Chibion.com will expire soon, the website will still be up at http://chibion.luneon.com

Well it happened again, Chibion has been invaded by hackers. Having to deal with them takes more time than making the actual game and it’s just so frustrating >:O

Some of you know I finished college, and I need to get a job soon. I hoped Chibion would start back on track, but wow… hackers are already appearing >_< It has discouraged me to work on Chibion as more hackers would show up to ruin the game.

Well I don’t want to rant too long. The game will still be up, and I’ll try keeping the server up as well. I’ll be going back into making Animations, and if everything goes successful I’m hoping to hire a team to make Chibion better xD Chibion is still my dream game to finish, and I’ll do my best to get there :D

I still feel guilty about not meeting Founders expectations, and so there is a list of Founders that will be in Chibion forever. It was thanks to them and the supporters who made Chibion possible. The developers as well such as Akizutsu, Flare, Nikki, Turtle, have done an enormous job to create Chibion into the world that it is.

I’m sorry about this mishap, but I hope you can understand how these hackers are becoming a big issue (Database/Accounts might get hacked, hacking programs of Chibion have been made, GM accounts being hacked, and many more issues may arise).

I’ll still come by to talk in the Chat, maybe do events once in a while, but I’m halting production due to the number of hackers the updates will attract. That’s it for now, thanks again for your support!

What’s been going on

Hey guys!
So I know it’s been about 2/3 months since we last updated but i’m here with some news! So I guess most of you don’t know We’ve started uploading apps! At the moment it’s mostly only android supported because IOS cost A LOT of money! But we will have things up for all platforms soon! But right now we’ve made a new web page just dedicated to the apps and anime! So if you feel like checking it out or talking about anime go on over there.

The website is http://www.lunime.com So far we only have two games up on the app store. Flappy RPG, and the long waited for CYANITY!!!! Flappy RPG is an RPG style flappy bird game. You get stats such as Health, Strength and Speed. Each one of these helps you take back the land that has been invaded by popular internet rivals. Cyanity as most of you know is a live action turn based game. Where you play as Cyana a fierce and deadly girl who is equiped with a long katana. By your side you have Cayn a quick and strong partner who is equipped with Dual Daggers.

Both of you face off countless of enemy waves until you hit the bosses levels. But after we get rolling in the app world, we will continue to work on Chibion and bring back some old favorites from the past! So until then you can find me on twitter if you have any questions @First_phantom . Lucas still has two more months of college. Well until the next update guys!

Chibion Gameplay!

Hello guys! I made a gameplay defeating  the 5 bosses! Hope you like ^_^

xoxo Akizutsu